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Sports journalist Darren Frehill kicks off for INNOV-8-2-Create

21 February 2024

Darren Frehill is a sports broadcaster from Irish National Broadcast channel, RTE. With over two decades of journalistic experience, he has contributed tremendously to the Irish media industry. If he’s not meeting sport icons like Katie Taylor and Conor MacGregor, he is commuting between Dublin and Galway three times a week to complete a business degree at University College Dublin.

Darren offered to support INNOV-8-2-Create by creating videos to showcase the innovators' work and ideas. Darren believes his storytelling skills are useful in helping students present themselves and is actively assisting them in creating videos to showcase the innovators' work and ideas. Darren called the INNOV-8-2-Create Comms team to talk us through his motivations. 

I'm truly humbled by the experience and the subjects that the innovators are bringing to the table. They are truly amazing people.”

In your view, how can your skills and experiences contribute to the INNOV-8-Create project?

My storytelling experience plays a crucial role. It allows me to support the students in how they would like to present themselves. I'm also assisting the students in creating videos to showcase their work and ideas.

When I heard about the student's background, it truly inspired me. They come from all over the world wishing to turn their dreams into reality. Ireland (and the University of Galway ) was there to assist them during their transition. I am proud to see both the student's perspective and the INNOV-8-2-Create team's work on this project.

What personal and professional goals do you hope to achieve through your involvement in the INNOV-8-Create project?

I hope to show the world Ireland's contribution to these students' lives and how the project team are helping them achieve their goals. For me, it's about showing the good effects and sharing the amazing stories and talents that come from this project.

The Passion

Darren’s passion for the INNOV-8-2-Create project and his dedication to showcasing the positive impact and remarkable stories emerging from it truly resonates with us. His role as a storyteller and supporter of the project has had a positive impact on the students and the project team by highlighting the students' contributions and the transformative influence of the project on their lives.

Darren wants to highlight Ireland's role in innovation and show how important it is for reaching personal and professional goals.



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